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Patient Advocacy

   Chronic illness patients face many different challenges when coping with disease and its complexities. Our team of highly trained advocates focus on patient education, empowerment, and self-advocacy. When clients are diagnosed with a  disease, they are often left to handle the unknown alone.  With a Patience With Patients advocate clients will have the ability to connect with someone who identifies with the various difficulties that chronic illnesses can cause, as well as understand how to effectively navigate though the health care system.  By  providing the necessary tools, resources, and effective coping skills patients have an increase chance to succeed when faced with an obstacle.  

Provider Resources

     As a healthcare provider your dedication and hard work gives many patients hope, however unforeseen

difficulties during the treatment process of chronic illness patients can be challenging. Our Patient Advocacy services assist providers during an acute phase of the patients care. We liaison between the client and healthcare professional to ensure a successful patient experience. In the constant changing healthcare field patients and providers can sometimes  become frustrated, however with a PWP patient advocate both parties are able to resolve obstacles with ease.  Click the link below to refer a patient in need.

Community Consortium ​

   In order to affect change a community of organizations and institutions must work together to make a difference. We initiate that change by encouraging the  community to engage in partnering  to educate, and empower our chronic illness patients.  Learn how to connect with your community organizers today and contact our PWP Resource Center.

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" The Voice That  Puts Patients First Through Advocacy "

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